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TAKING IT BEHIND THE WALLS. So many families are effected by imprisonment and the numbers continue to grow. Taking hope to those incarcerated is a command that is expressed several times in the Bible. Showing a non-judging, open heart to people in this capacity is a genuine way to share the love, compassion and teachings of Jesus. Over the past several years, members of The Potter's House have been involve in some very exciting "On the Edge" jail and prison work; locally in Missouri, and across the US. We have various oppotunities to participate and serve in this great ministry. Consider making a difference in thie lives of those incarcerated and in the lives of their families. By God's grace, you can help change lives and stop the cycle. WHO WILL MEET JESUS BEACUSE YOU DECIDED TO GO INSIDE?  


Here are some of the ways to get involved:



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Join us every Sunday at 10am!


BIBLE / BOOK STUDIES / DEVOTIONALS Sharing and teaching through personal experiences are very effective to show proof of hope to overcome adversities.


WRITING LETTERS  / SENDING CARDS 30% of those incarcerated do not have contact from outside the walls and fences of prisons. Let them know they are not forgotten in this very rewarding ministry.


CAMP DAVID OF THE OZARKS Provide a child the opportunity to attend a summer camp where they will meet other children whose parents are incarcerated. This camp helps them overcome the stigma and trials they face and learn they are not alone.


BILL GLASS CHAMPIONS FOR LIFE Volunteers are trained before going behind the walls with other teammates and "platform speakers" through evangelistic events in jails and prisons all across the US and other countries. After the stunts, testimonies and musical performances of the platform guests, the teammates are available to share the gospel and pray with offenders.


BILL GLASS CHAMPIONS FOR TODAY Another program of the Bill Glass organization which uses former professional athletes to communicate a message of hope and right choices to students.


ANGEL TREE MINISTRIES Provide the children of inprisoned parent(s) with Christmas Gifts through the hope found in the birth of Jesus Christ. No child should be left without the love of Christ at Christmas.


CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLE CLUB Evangelism on two wheels. This organization goes all across the country into prisons using their motorcycles to start up and rev up one-on-one conversations about Jesus Christ and the hope they have found in Him.


PRAYER AND PROVISIONS Pray that God would use our voices to speak His words to those who listend and for His kingdom. Provisions: Support the Jail/Prison Ministries by assisting with the cost of books, Bibles, supplies and travel expenses.


Contact Marcie Vansyoc for more info and to get involved today!